The Healing Power of Art & Artists Art Review by Renee Phillips, Director and Curator, Manhattan Arts International

Path to Enlightenment
Corina’s “Nature Infused” series offers a variety of macro images and abstractions that capture the robust vitality of the botanical realm. Her superb use of rhythmic movement amidst swirling forms and strong geometric elements are especially apparent. Shown here is  “Path to Enlightenment” that entices us with its hypnotic, calming presence.
Joyful Mosaic of Vibrant Pebbles
With her jubilant “Splash of Magic” collection Corina moves further into abstraction.  They emphasize exquisite forms from nature and their innate positive energies. As exemplified by “Joyful Mosaic of Vibrant Pebbles” the images from this series transport us to states of being revitalized and restored by nature.
With Corina’s “Heaven on Earth” series we are entranced by tranquil, cosmic, other-worldly artworks that emanate moods of mystery and meditative wonder.
Corina’s contributions to the art world and humanity include her profound commitment to enlighten and empower us. Through her art she takes us on paths of discovery and renewal beyond the physical realm. She invites us to explore, embrace and expand our personal inner potentiality.

This Art Review was written by Renee Phillips, Director and Curator, Manhattan Arts International and The Healing Power of ART & ARTISTS, New York, NY.